Voice Building




''She tailors her lessons to meet the specific needs of each student, and every week is a new discovery about how the voice works.''




''She has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable singing.''

Voice Building

Private Vocal Training

Sue offers vocal training to students wanting to explore or claim their voice, either for singing, acting, or public speaking. While there are physiological consistencies in most, each person’s voice is unique, as is our experience of how we express ourselves through our voices.

For this reason vocal lessons are tailored for your individual goals and needs; to guide you to your natural and functional voice – freeing the inner beauty and strength you wish to express as you share your voice.

Various plans are available to best suit your goals for claiming your voice.

The Policies and Practices of ‘Voice Builders’

Sue is a founding member of Voice Builders, an association of colleagues who are committed to promoting functional vocal training as taught by Cornelius Reid.

The following policies and practises are kept by all members of Voice Builders.


We love the work we do, and we love the journey we undertake with you to build, retain or restore your voice. This is also our business and livelihood. Reflecting the value of our work, and to be able to offer our services full time and on a long term basis, the following are our policies.

Each member of Voice Builders will set their own tuition rates and plans based on the options listed below.

When you undertake vocal training you are making a commitment, first to yourself, and also to your teacher who is reserving a space for you, for either a ‘term’ or a ‘year’. A ‘term’ will be established with your teacher i.e. it could follow the academic terms, or you may have signed up for a “tune-up” of say 5 – 10 lessons. A ‘year’ is September – June, or 35 lessons. Some teachers will also offer summer lessons or programmes during July and/or August – these will be offered as a short summer ‘term’.

Once you have decided to undertake vocal training you will discuss with your teacher whether you wish to enroll for a term or the year. Your lesson time will be agreed upon, and that will be your time for that period. We have also noted that peoples’ schedules change throughout the year, especially September, January and May/June. Please let your teacher know if you need to change your time and they will do their best to accommodate your change.

Tuition Options

You may select your tuition from one of two options:

Option 1: “Most Savings – I’ve made a serious commitment and would like to save!”

This gives you a preferred rate for the package you select. No cancellations are allowed. If , however, you must cancel due to illness, you may negotiate a make-up lesson with your teacher, if there is available space, and at the discretion of the teacher. A monthly payment plan is available for this option for the “year” programme.

Option 2: “Regular Tuition – I’m committed to my training and I’d like some flexibility.”

A regular day and time will still be reserved for you; however, this option includes a cancellation policy outlined below.

Option 1: The Most Savings Plan

No cancellations
 Autumn Term  Students may book 15 weekly, or 8 bi-weekly lessons
Start date End date Duration Notes
September 10th December 20th 15 weeks With a mid-term break October 29 – November 1 (making 14 weeks)
Payment for Autumn term is 4 current or post-dated cheques each for September, October 1st, November 1st, December 1st 
 Winter Term   Students may book 9 weekly, or 5 bi-weekly lessons
 January 6th  March 7th  9 weeks
Payment for Winter Term is 3 cheques for January etc. 
 Spring Term   Students may book 14 weekly, or 7 bi-weekly
 March 17th  June 22nd  14 weeks Except Mondays in Hamilton, which will have 13 weeks for Victoria Day Holiday.
 Payment for Spring Term is 4 cheques for mid-March etc.
 Summer Package
July August
 Tuition for all lessons booked to be prepaid when you commence your lessons in the summer.


Option 2: Regular Tuition – Flexibility Plan

Cancellations permitted per policies outlined

‘Pay as you Go’

  • Pay per lesson

‘Term’ only available

  • 5 lessons (prepaid in full)
  • 10 lessons (prepaid in full)

Due to Illness

Call before your lesson, especially if it’s the same day. Don’t assume an email will get to your teacher in time. If you do not call before your lesson you will be charged for the missed lesson. At the discretion and availability of the teacher, a make-up lesson may be scheduled.

Due to Schedule Changes

Advise your teacher as soon as you are aware of a scheduling conflict, or call or email at least one week before your lesson and you will not be charged for the lesson. If the lesson is cancelled less than one week before, then a make-up lesson may be booked at the discretion and availability of the teacher. If notice is 24 hours or less, then no make-up will be offered.

There are no refunds.

If your schedule is irregular please speak with your teacher to negotiate a personal plan.

Of course, you will not be charged if your teacher cancels your lesson.