''Sue is compassionate and detailed, a strong and patient mentor.''




''Her approach to teaching the vocal process makes learning enjoyable.''


“I have been challenged with allowing myself to be ‘heard’. Singing in a soprano really wowed me!!! Sue helped me through this by exercising the voice, and showing me that there is a giant awaiting to be released within.  My lessons have been worked toward singing in my church choir, along with my speaking voice, as I work in the beauty industry and use my voice to project confidence and control of my position.”

“I came to Sue for singing classes/explore my passion for music. My experience with Sue has been life changing. We have been working together on my voice since 2001. Not only has my speaking and singing voice become more articulate, clear and flexible, the friendship we have developed is cherished everyday.”


“When I met Sue, I’d been singing professionally for over ten years. Despite having a large soprano range, I really couldn’t sing anything below a middle C. I almost believed I wasn’t supposed to have those notes. My first lesson with Sue, I sang a D below middle C. All of a sudden, this new world of lower notes opened up for me. My latest CD, ‘Real Big Fan’, recently received a review that praised my ‘lower range’. None of this would have happened without Sue and the Claim Your Voice studio.

Allison Lynn
Gospel Music Artist
Nashville, TN

“I have been a part of a 50 voice choir for 30 years and felt that my voice was weakening over time. I contacted Sue a year ago and have been taking voice and breathing exercises from her. These exercises have definitely strengthened my voice. My voice, because of this, seems to flow more freely. I would highly recommend Sue’s training.”

Doris Donaldson

“I am a karaoke host and I perform improvised comedy and my specialty is improvised singing.   I decided to pursue vocal training and a friend told me about a workshop that was being given by Susan. I felt very comfortable with Susan and decided to sign up for lessons.

I was petrified before attending my first lesson and I almost cancelled a number of times.  I was used to singing in public, but I wasn’t prepared to sing for someone who was going to ‘judge’ me.  Well, I needn’t have worried a bit.  Susan made my first lesson (and all those that followed) very comfortable and I never once felt like I was being judged; only gently and very skilfully guided.

After only a few lessons, I started to notice that singing songs became easier, I was hitting notes that I had never been able to hit before and I was sustaining notes with less effort.  Even friends and fellow performers started commenting on how much better my voice sounded, even those that didn’t know I was taking vocal lessons.  All of that has given my confidence level a huge boost – and that also allows me to sing better.

Susan has been able to coax my vocal cords to do things that I didn’t think they could do.  I remember early in my lessons when I hit my first true soprano note (rather than a falsetto note) and I was surprised that it came from my throat.  Even now, almost three (???) years later, I still surprise myself when we have a ‘break-through’.

Whether you’re looking for a career in singing or you just want to be able to sing better at the campfire, I would highly recommend that you train with Susan.  Her professionalism, ability, and good nature make Susan a pleasure to work with.

Susan started out as my vocal coach but I now consider her my friend.”

Kim Staffleitner
H2H Entertainment Services

“Even though I have been a professional singer and musician for 20 years, Sue’s amazing teaching has really transformed my singing voice.  My tone is warmer and I can sing higher, lower and for longer periods of time. I actually like my own voice now!”

Mike Whitla, Director
Rainbow Songs Inc

“After 18 years of professional singing, I felt that I needed some guidance for my voice.  After my first evaluation with Sue, I believed she could truly relate to my vocal challenges because she too had many similar challenges in her career as a professional singer.  Sue is comfortable to work with as a vocal coach. Her humor and easy but firm approach to teaching the vocal process makes learning enjoyable.  The gradual improvement in my voice that I’ve received working with Sue is the best way for me to learn because the changes in my voice are now permanent.  Recently I was listening to one of the vocal tracks of a recording I made a few years ago and was very surprised to hear how ‘breathy’ my voice sounded.  This was a defining moment for me in realizing the progress I’ve made thus far.  There is more progress to happen and I’m confident that my continual work with Sue will bring about the achievement of my vocal goals.   Thanks to Sue for being Sue.”

TC Kendall, Burlington ON

“For the past year I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to receive vocal lessons. My employer decided it’s a great way to strengthen and improve the quality of your voice since that’s what I do for a living, sing!  He referred me to Sue and I honestly wouldn’t be teaching as much as do if I wasn’t given this opportunity.

I teach music to young children and started teaching with  9 classes a week a year ago. It was very hard for me at the time to project my sound due to my naturally soft voice. I was straining my vocal cords, by pushing the sound out the wrong way. I felt my voice get very tired quickly, and at the time, I couldn’t even imagine being able to teach more then 9 classes a week.

By continuing my weekly vocal training with Sue I started to notice improvement in my voice as early as the first month! I started to project more sound without straining my vocal cords. Because of this I am now able to teach 17 forty minute classes a week, and not feel like it’s too much.

Not only have I been able to project more sound, but as well I’ve recently been receiving a lot of compliments from parents about my voice. My quality of sound has also improved and therefore singing for me is even more enjoyable.  It’s given me an improved confidence in my job, and life in general.

I continue to be amazed by the weekly results in my voice.  Sue has been so supportive and encouraging. By Sue having such a great sense of humour, she has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable singing.  My vocal lessons have done so much to me, and I’m very thankful that I was referred to Sue by my employer.

Thank you Sue!”

Catherina de Goede, Toronto, Ontario


“I have been working with Sue for a year taking voice lessons on a weekly basis. When I first started I felt shy and embarrassed just to open my mouth wide, which may sound odd considering I have hosted a live radio show for over 10 years. I had been using my voice but still feeling insecure about it. Over the course of the year there have been so many subtle changes as well as huge transformations. Through Sue’s gentle encouragement and diligent persistence I have begun a process of stripping the masks that have been clouding my authentic voice. Through her technical exercises I have toned my vocal channels and strengthened my courage to speak with clarity and confidence. I realize this is an ongoing process, it is journey of discovering myself along with having the ability to express and communicate outwardly what I am inwardly. I will probably be on this journey my whole life, which excites me. Having healthy vocal pipes makes it all the more possible to be real. Now I feel so much more acquainted with my voice, it has become my friend. Working with Sue has really helped me to ‘Claim my Voice’ and sound the way I do, which is unique to me.

Thank you Sue!”

Laura Hollick
Artist, Creator of SOUL ART studio
Host of ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle’, 93.3 FM CFMU
Art columnist for View Magazine

“I first read an article in the Hamilton Spectator about “Claim Your Voice” studios and Sue’s vocal teaching. What appealed to me was the word “claim”. I had been struggling with tension in my speaking voice for years and was looking for help in “reclaiming” my natural voice. It has turned out to be the best decision I could have made. I have been working with Sue now for 2 years and with her constant encouragement and expertise I am gradually learning how to beathe more efficiently and sing with greater ease. Her approach is fun and relaxed. She tailors her lessons to meet the specific needs of each student and every week is a new discovery about how the voice works. I am amazed at the results that are taking place and I am so grateful to Sue for helping me work through this long process of undoing years of bad habits and rebuilding strength and confidence in my voice.

Thank you Sue!”

Kathy Ruf, Burlington, Ontario